Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Cow!

Today I saw this lovely story and I just had to share! On June 18, 2011 a young cow named Kayli was about to be slaughtered just outside Philadelphia. She made a break for it and escaped but was ultimately caught by the police and returned, though not before the story got out. Local activists pushed for her release and, after a lot of work and cajoling on their part, she received a "pardon" from the governor. She was brought to The Woodstock Animal Sanctuary in New York to live out her days in peace. :)

Here is the video of her release three days ago. Look how happy she is! And I love the way the other cows get excited. Enjoy!


  1. I like that story! It's good for my heart! In my neighborhood when I go on bike rides, I pass farms full of cattle behind barbed wire. It's depressing, knowing what's ahead for them. It's so lovely to see Kayli, who was saved, and who will get to live out the rest of her life with some new friends.