Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Big Giveaway with a Surprise Twist!

Yay! We hit 10 followers! Let the wild rumpus begin ...

So the Great Giveaway I announced before was Colleen Patrick Goudreau's book The 30-Day Vegan Challenge: The Ultimate Guide to Eating Cleaner, Getting Leaner, and Living Compassionately.   I haven't read this book, as it has yet to be released, but since all of her other books are wonderful and her podcast is amazing, I'm sure this book will also knock your socks off.

I've actually decided to make things more interesting by giving you a choice of Colleen's books, should you be the winner! What prompted this change was the realization that not everyone wants to make the commitment to eat only plant-based foods. Most of us love a new cookbook, though, to expand our repertoire, and that's not a major commitment if a plant-based diet isn't your cup of tea (yet). :)  So the books to choose from are the following:

Color Me Vegan (Everything I've made from this has been superb. My omnivore guinea pigs have raved about the food)

 The Vegan Table (I just got this and haven't cooked from it yet, but like her other books it's absolutely lovely inside.)

The Joy of Vegan Baking (I just got this one too. I'm not a big baker but will be drawing on the recipes for special occasions. Friends rave about this one, though.)

 and finally
The Vegan's Daily Companion (Gorgeous book. I'm not joking -- this thing is stunning. Granted it's not solely a cookbook, but there are many recipes in there and sweet, inspiring stories.)

As the new book is being released August 23, the winner will be randomly picked on that evening! The winner has 48 hours to respond. If s/he doesn't respond, another winner will be chosen.  (So keep your eye on the date!) :)

To get your first entry ( you must do this one before you do the optional ones that follow):
  • Write a comment below about which book you'd like to win and why. (I know! It's tough to choose!) If you win and you change your mind on the book you want, that's fine!
To get three additional entries
  •  "Like" Suburban Snow White on Facebook.
  • Sign up as a follower to the right. (If you already did, then that's three additional entries already for you! Way to go!)
  • Get a friend to become a follower or to "like" Suburban Snow White on Facebook, and then have them email me your name as the "recommender" 
  •  Add a permanent link to Suburban Snow White on your blog, then email me the link to your blog.
To get ten additional entries
  • Post the contest on your own blog/website with a link to this post and then email me a link to your post.
My email is donovank02339@yahoo.com.

Sadly, spouses of Suburban Snow White cannot enter (sorry Ry). How weird would it be to have Ryan win and then announce, "The book goes to .... US! Better luck next time, suckahs!" :)

I'm really excited to do this giveaway. I've entered many blog giveaways myself and I get embarrassingly excited.

That's all for now. I just harvested all my garlic today and may do a post soon on that as it's so flippin' cool to dig these bulbs out of the ground!

Good luck everyone!


  1. It would have really cracked me up if you let Ryan win. You could have thrown in all kinds of elaborate extra things. "And the winning entry receives a home-cooked meal catered by yours truly and an all-expense paid trip to Framingham, Massachusetts!"

    I already have Joy of Vegan Baking, Vegan Table, Color Me Vegan, and Vegan's Daily Companion. Plus, I've been really excited for 30 Day to come out for a long time. Colleen has been a huge inspiration to me, and her podcast empowered me to go vegan. I know this book is going to be a source for positive change in lives. No doubt.

  2. I have all of them except for the latest, 30 Day Vegan Challenge, so that would be my choice please!

  3. Hey baby! I would love to win the "Color Me Vegan", since I am probably one of the "ravers" about the food you've prepared. :) And by the way, sweet lamby with the wheelchair. Awwwww!

  4. I would love to win the Companion book. I have recently come to realize that a vegan lifestyle would be completely healthier and more life saving to those animals who don't get the traditional home like my cats and dogs. I want to better my body, but returning it to its natural state and better my mind by taking all the added toxins and extra crap out of it. I think the companion book would help me stay on point and focused.

  5. I would like to win ' Color Me Began' based on your comment but they all sound good.

  6. I would like Color Me Vegan.. because I would like to have healthy delicious recipes!

  7. Listening to Colleen's podcast is what inspired me to make the leap from vegetarian to vegan. I already own her first three books, and I would love to add The 30-Day Vegan Challenge to my collection. The quality of her work is outstanding, and I know 30 days will be no different!

  8. Wow! So many cool people have entered! On another note, I just realized I used the phrase "guinea pigs." My bad.

  9. Is this open to U.K readers. If so, I'd love to win Colour Me Vegan. I've read positive reviews about it, if thats gone then it would be The Vegan Table. I'm not vegan, but a vegetarian and the more vegan cookbooks I have the more It will encourage me to cook vegan dishes, especially baking. Kind wishes.

  10. Yes on the U.K., Shaheen! :) Welcome aboard!