Friday, May 20, 2011

Quinoa ... who knew?

So many years ago, from 1996-1999, I lived as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia. There I was introduced to a new grain called quinoa. (KEE-nwah) One of my favorite ways to eat it was in a peanut soup they had there that was really tasty. (Yes, it was probably chicken stock, but I wasn't even remotely veg*an at the time.) (I just learned what that * means today. It's a way of allowing you to say vegetarian/vegan in the same word. Very efficient, don't you think?)

What I didn't realize until last night was how high in protein quinoa was. Who'da thunk it? AND I learned why it always had that odd bitter taste whenever I prepared it. You're supposed to rinse the stuff for a full minute. I rinsed a batch of it this week before cooking and -- voila -- yummy tasting quinoa and zero bitterness. 

Lately, I've been getting better at making larger batches of things at the beginning of the week so I always have snack/lunch/breakfast stuff I can heat up or combine quickly.  The system works out much better than preparing everything from scratch each night.

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