Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Really Cool Lady with a Beautiful Message

So I discovered, like so many have, this remarkable woman named Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, who, in addition to writing many wonderful cookbooks, has created a vegetarian podcast that is always meaningful and fascinating... She has a remarkable way of making things clear in a very approachable and fun way that doesn't "put people off." She covers a wide range of topics, including specific foods to try, different animals and what makes them so special, how to transition to a vegetarian/vegan diet, how to make holidays great, and how to work on the social aspects of changing to a plant-based diet. 

Colleen feels like one of my dearest friends, and I've never met the lady! :)  Anyhow, take a look at her website, and then check out her podcast. If you sign up through itunes, the new podcasts just arrive in your itunes as they are produced. I guarantee you will fall in love with her!

Her book, Vegan's Daily Companion, is simply a joy to read, as well as having some gorgeous heart-warming photos. It may have been one of the first things to spark my "slight consideration" of being a vegan. I saw it in a bookstore a few months ago and was intrigued. It was so beautiful. After about two months of thinking about this tome, I finally bought it. It's now on my bed table, well-loved and well-read! (Click on the link just have to see some of the pictures!) It makes me aware, and feel happy and hopeful.

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